is it ok if i follow you on snapchat??

Yeah, no problem :)

i guess they chose to remake the oc bc the melodramatic content of the show appeals to turkish audiences. i hate to admit it but us turks love a good old drama and a poor boy/rich girl kinda romance. u should see the stuff aired on tv these days. i was hoping the oc remake would be different but no. the only reason i keep watching is i'm curious as to how the writers will adapt some of the major events. sorry about the longish post. i can't stop blabbering once i get started :) happy easter!

I just found it crazy that they remade it? Why couldn’t they just play old episodes if you like it so much?? But if you’re interested in it I guess that’s cool.

Happy Easter to you too.

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Happy Easter everyone

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what is your snapchat?


Do you snapchat a lot?

Not really

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hey fellow the oc fan! just wanted to ask if you know anything about the turkish remake. i saw a couple episodes and omg the show sucks so bad it makes me appreciate the original even more. oh and i love your blog! keep those great gifs comin'!

i’ve heard about it but i haven’t seen any of it. why would you remake the oc? as if anything could compare to the original.

thanks btw