last time i tried watching the oc, i couldn't get past season 1. honestly, i thought seth was really annoying. (no offense) and i think it was boring. may be i should try watching it again lol what do you think? should i try watching again?

Nah if you didn’t like season 1 you won’t probably won’t like the rest since season 1 is the best season.

And if you’re already finding Seth annoying you won’t wanna watch the rest of the show

girls   nsfw   

why do u think the oc got so popular here in aus?

Because it’s a bloody gr8 show

Nah, I don’t really know. I was like 9 when it first aired

your explanation for why you like ryan/marissa more than seth/summer nailed it. s/s were cute but r/m's love was intense. they loved each other a lot, but more than that, they really cared about and looked out for each other. and weirdly enough, that was made more evident when they weren't together. GREAT, now i'm sad about the oc again

My exact thoughts.

Don’t worry. I don’t think you can ever not be sad about the oc

in response to your answer to that anon, i won't get too creeped out ;)

As if I’m gonna believe this is actually her. You’re just trying to trick me into talking

Thank god. I never went to school in Australia. Seems like I just know your doppelgänger :)

so glad. you had me freaked out for a minute there

Wait what country are you from?


I saw your selfie just now and I think you were a grade below me in school

ugh shit

may i ask which school you atteneded? 

I think I know you irl oO

lul how?

the first letter of her name? anything??? also does she know you like her

bruh she follows me on tumblr. if she see’s me talking about her on my blog she’s gonna get creeped out. gonna start wondering why the hell i’m telling strangers about her