Should've is a (totally legit) contraction of the phrase 'should have' so use that instead of saying 'should of'. If you're bothered about being grammatically correct

fair dinkum

but i’m not the one who is bothered about being grammatically correct…. everyone else seems to be

haha this is funny I've been wondering why you keep saying "should of" but I thought I was the only one. and by the way, should've actually is a short of should have so it's totally appropriate. english is not even my native language lol

okay so everyone is saying should’ve is a word. while spell check is saying it isn’t..

so i googled it to double check and i’m getting mixed answers. 

tbh i don’t even care any more. we’ve all established that i’m illiterate.

it's "should have had" instead of "should of had", that doesn't exist, it's grammatically incorrect. ;)

fuuuck i need to go back to school because my grammar is horrible. 

i always type of instead of have. but i think my problem is that i always type out how it sounds when i say it.  when you say ;should have’ fast it sounds like ‘should of’ or ‘should’ve’ (which isn’t even a word) 

Lol right? That long ass straight hair... Ryan, Ryan no.

it’s so bad. what was the hairstylist thinking? 

(his hair in season 4 was super great though)

they should have had an episode in the 2nd season of the oc where ryan gets a haircut because his hair is just awful

especially in the trey episodes   Anthony rewatches the oc   

the oc + season 1

spent so long on this   turned out horrible   the oc   oc:s1   

turk is my fave   scrubs   

and her body got dat ass that a ruler couldn't measure   and she make me cum fast but i never get embarrased   that's what it'd be like   kim kardashian   

hey i just saw your text post about the cohen family. it is really a nice family that didn't get ruined by tv, and it made me think of another show that makes you feel that way, parenthood. have you seen it? oh it's great

oh that’s cool. I’ve never seen it though. I might check it out

you're my favourite O.C blog mwah x

oh thank you so much :)