re making old gifs   

watching goku turn super saiyan for the first time will never not be an important moment in my life

dragonball z   

He gave me an order and I didn’t listen, I almost got you killed.

{ You were just a kid. }

Don’t. Don’t… Dad knew this was unfinished business for me. He sent me here to finish it.


Really think you would like one tree hill because I love it and I myself am a massive oc fan.

Thank you but tbh I’m not ready to jump into a 9 season commitment right now


I got in a car accident today (someone hit me, not my fault) and I am fine but my car isn't and my parents aren't mad or anything but I feel overwhelmingly guilty and terrible about the whole thing even though I know it could be so much worse. Why?

 i really don;t know why you feel guilty? do you blame yourself for what happened? if so you really shouldn’t. like you said it wasn’t your fault. and it could have been so much worse. i’m really glad you and everyone involved is okay though

"And he's gonna get bored with me, because pretty much all boys do."

Are you purposely trying to make me upset with oc feelings?


horror meme: favourite slasher movie [1/5] - scream

"Never say "who’s there?" Don’t you watch scary movies? It’s a death wish. You might as well come out to investigate a strange noise or something."

scream   cw:blood   

Since you're rewatching The OC, wanna share your favorite scenes maybe with us? 👼 Loved the first cap of Sandy and Julie already. hahaha ❤ The OC will be my favorite TV show for eternity!

oh gosh i have so many favourite scenes, it’s ridiculous. i’ll just list a few from the top of my head

i have so many more but i can’t think of them right at this point. the oc will be my favorite for eternity too :)